Mailing Address:  RCARC, Inc. PO Box 2264, Reidsville, NC 27323

Officers & Board of Directors

Office Name Call QTH
President Mike Mansfield WA3RFE Reidsville, NC
Vice-President Roger Joyner W4AYO Eden, NC
Treasurer Michael Mosser KF4LIK Reidsville, NC
Secretary John Swinney KB4SHP Ridgeway, VA

General Membership

RCARC has valued members throught North Carolina and Virginia, primarily from Rockingham, Guilford, Caswell, and Stokes counties in NC, as well as Pittsylvania and Henry Counties in VA.  Members renewing for the current year are idenitified by call sign in the newletter.  Your cancelled check or receipt are the official proof of memebership.


Honorary Membership

Name Call Class QTH
Bryant Pearce W4WBP General Cascade, VA
Jimmy Waynick WB4JYC Advanced Reidsville, NC
Peggy Brewer KJ4ANA Technician Ringgold, VA

In Memory of RCARC Silent Keys

William H. (Bill) Fisher Jr. N4IV Reidsville, NC July 4, 1997
John Evans N4HLB Reidsville, NC December 28, 2003
Thomas E. Gunn K4BYX Reidsville, NC May 23, 2004
Howard Underwood K4QXA Reidsville, NC June 23, 2006
Ervin (Ray) Eggleston K4KIP Eden, NC March 30, 2008
Frank Rogue WB6IIV Eden, NC July 9, 2008
Walt Williams W4NAP Reidsville, NC February 22, 2010
Phil Smith WB4DPO Eden, NC November 10, 2010
Patricia (Pat) Patterson N4SLP Stoneville, NC November 25, 2010
William S. (Bill) Scott W4SIX Reidsville, NC April 25, 2012
Henry M. Pollock K4UUM Reidsville, NC May 2, 2013
Mike Lewis KD4CSJ Reidsville, NC August 27, 2014
Wayne Blackwell K4YEC Reidsville, NC October 17, 2015
Russell Harrison NC4CN Reidsville, NC June 14, 2016
Kay Miley K4ADA Eden, NC January 21, 2018
Sylvia Tweedle K3SJT Eden, NC April 26, 2020
George Brewer WA4LTY Eden, NC June 2, 2020
Jimmy Waynick WB4JYC Reidsville, NC September 30, 2021
Tommy Edwards KE4WSF Eden, NC November 19, 2021
Margie Rogue KI4PRU Eden, NC April 22, 2024